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Why You Should Consider Working at a Summer Tech Camp

Are you passionate about digital media, computers, and information technology and are looking for a fun way to spend your summer? If you’re a recent college graduate or are currently enrolled in college and you enjoy working with kids, then spending your summer with Emagination Tech Camps might be the perfect fit!

Especially if you’re studying a related field, this is a great resume builder as you’re just starting out on your professional journey. There are a number of different positions that are available each year, including camp counselors, leadership staff, information technology staff, and healthcare staff.

We’re always looking for people interested in empowering the next generation through technology. Check out this video about Emagination Camps and be sure to check out our openings here and be ready when our 2020 hiring process gets underway.

If we’ve piqued your interest and want to learn more, here are five reasons why we can help you succeed.

Emagination Tech Camps Staff

Pre-Camp Communication Be on high alert when it comes to checking your email or our staff groups on social media because we make sure there’s plenty of communication flowing back and forth before camp starts, and most definitely because you even arrive, which is also well before camp starts.

Blending Your Abilities with Our Plan You will already be joining us because you have the tech skills necessary to help campers take their learning to the next level. If you’re teaching a class, though, we don’t just throw you to the wolves. Bring your tech skills and knowledge of the software that you’ll be using in class and we’ll give you the blueprint to follow by way of a professional curriculum.

Pre-Camp Training The week before campers arrive, you’ll already be on campus getting an in-person training and orientation. Again, we don’t just make you try and figure things out on your own – we’re here to help you as much as possible! There will be an opportunity to run through your curriculum, so you won’t be performing it for the first time with campers in the room. Other topics we’ll touch on during our training include how to teach kids and manage a classroom (which is helpful if you’ve never done it before!), the daily schedule, behavior management, and safety and emergency procedures.

Constant Support Our training continues even after the official orientation is over and the campers have arrived on campus. The corporate staff is dedicated to supporting each of the camps and making sure they’re all successful, which starts with having an experienced leadership team available to help that come to pass.

Experienced Team Members Speaking of experienced team members, a lot of our leadership staff returns to work camp each year, and on many occasions, our counselors once went through the program as a camper themselves a few years before. Although we’ve been around for a long time, we’re well aware that nothing is perfect. Our goal remains to put on the best camp we possibly can and find ways to make the upcoming year better than the year that immediate came before it.



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