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Come join our community and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Get Unplugged

The Emagination STEM Camps recreation program distinguishes us from other computer and tech camps. Offering a range of physical activities, group games, social interactions, and life skill development, it's all about fostering fun! Our diverse and engaging program allows campers to shape their experience according to their interests and preferences, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable time for all.

Rec for Tech Enthusiasts 

We've designed our unplugged activities with our tech enthusiasts in mind! Our recreation program offers a variety of options for campers to participate in team-based games and collaborative projects, fostering social interaction and the exploration of new interests.

The Pardus Cup Challenge, our latest camp tradition, awards points to teams based on participation in various activities, culminating in a celebration for the winning team at the end of the session!


Daily Recreation

Campers enjoy two 30-minute recreation periods each day, with the choice between outdoor physical games like LARPing, capture the flag, and dodgeball, or indoor activities such as board games, escape rooms, and more.

Evening Program

For Overnight & Day Campers w 7:30PM Pick Up 
Kick the night off right with an all-camp activity that fosters a sense of community and shared experiences followed by the choice of unstructured time in the labs, dorms or outside providing time to hang out with friends, engage in creative pursuits or simply unwind. 


Super Saturday

Saturday’s are Super at Emagination and day campers are invited!  Campers and staff work participate in teams and enjoy a day packed with relay challenges, water activities, gaming tournaments and a movie night. 

Refresh & Relax

Unstructured play fosters physical and social-emotional growth in kids. Whether inventing a game, finding solace under a tree, or simply catching up with friends, these times grant campers the freedom to explore, create, and play without predetermined rules or guidelines.

Talent Show

Emagination's Got Talent promotes self-expression, confidence, inclusivity, teamwork, and lasting memories. It offers campers a platform to showcase their talents, build courage, celebrate diversity, and form bonds in a supportive environment.

Special Events

Special events add excitement and variety to the experience. Theme days amp up enthusiasm with team competitions and themed outfits. Girls Night celebrates our female campers with fun activities planned by them! And Character Con encourages self-expression, and community bonding through imaginative play. These events enhance the camp community, promote friendship, and create unforgettable experiences.

Bubble in the Air


Kid Enjoying Camp
Students Playing In Group Circle
Kids Enjoying Camp Outside
Students Outside Playing
Students Having Fun at Camp
Students Doing Activities
Camp Students Having Fun
Students Fun At Camp
Students Running Outside
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