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Get Unplugged

Summer Camp Recreation Program

We Put the CAMP in Summer STEM Camp

Emagination STEM Camps ever-improving recreation program truly set us apart from other computer & tech camps. Recreation time includes opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, life skill development, and—most importantly—FUN! Our program activities are designed to be diverse and engaging, while also allowing campers to define how they want to spend their time.


Within each 3-hour learning period, campers get a 45-minute break to get “Unplugged.”  Campers may choose an activity that fits their interests away from screens, and can spend time with new and returning camp friends.

Evening Program

Daily Recreation

Our dedicated recreation periods offer campers plenty of options for daily summer camp fun. Have a blast in outdoor games such as ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, capture the flag, LARPing, Slip-N-Slide, and traditional camp challenges. Don’t feel like breaking a sweat? No problem! We also provide a variety of board games, card games, D&D groups, and creative activities. Bring your deck to challenge friends to a game of Magic the Gathering, or outsmart your opponent at checkers, Risk, chess, or Battleship

Evening Program

For Overnight & Full Day Campers 

The fun continues into the evenings at Emagination with more group games and activities, special events, unstructured dorm or lab time. Each night campers choose how they want to spend their time. More active campers get outside to burn off steam in our live-action role playing sessions (LARPing), kickball games, or ultimate frisbee matches.

When you just want to relax and hang out with friends, return to the campus dorms for board games or gaming consoles. 


Weekend Program

For 2-Week Overnight Session Campers

Kick off the weekend with Super Saturday! This is when teams of campers and counselors get together for a day of outdoor challenges, water activities, and gaming tournaments. The day is then capped off with dinner and a movie night. Seniors get an exclusive LAN Party with Super Saturday privileges.

The weekend wraps up with Lazy Sunday. Campers sleep late, enjoy their free time in the dorms or computer labs, take care of laundry, or take advantage of the campus fields to enjoy the summer sun.

Weekend Programs
Bubble in the Air


Kid Enjoying Camp
Students Playing In Group Circle
Kids Enjoying Camp Outside
Students Outside Playing
Students Having Fun at Camp
Students Doing Activities
Camp Students Having Fun
Students Fun At Camp
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