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Safety & Healthcare

The safety and healthcare of every camper is our highest priority. Campers are supervised by counselors and staff 24-hours-a-day and escorted around campus. In addition, we require a password for day-camper pickups. Overnight campers may not leave campus.

Staff and Campus Info

  • Camp Directors are Certified in First Aid & CPR

  • Campuses are Located Within 3 Miles of a Hospital

  • Emagination STEM Camps Follow All State Health Department Regulations

Supervised Internet Access

Internet use is supervised while in class and during free time, and visiting inappropriate websites is strictly prohibited. Campers who bring computers from home may connect to wireless internet access; however, our rules require that dorm room doors remain open when campers are not dressing or sleeping. We cannot guarantee complete online security for campers who bring their own devices; however, any violation will be addressed swiftly.


We request medical health information prior to completing camp registration. This includes camper medical conditions, as well as dietary, activity restrictions, or other limitations. Parents should contact us directly regarding any healthcare or diet-related questions or issues.

All campus locations are within 3 miles of a hospital, and a health supervisor remains on camp premises. Our Directors are also certified in First Aid and CPR.

Special Accommodations

Due to the complexities of administering a summer camp, a prospective camper who may have a physical, emotional, behavioral, or other limitation, or other restriction or need, that might require an adjustment to the physical, educational or recreational program(s) or to any other aspect of camp life must contact our office in writing by April 1st.

The types of limitations or needs that require advance notice include, but are not limited to, dietary restrictions (religious or otherwise), visual, auditory, mobility impairments and emotional/behavioral and psychological needs or impairments or other needs for program modification or adaptive equipment or special medical needs.

We speak directly with parents/guardians to assess our ability to accommodate special needs. With respect to special emotional/behavioral needs and limitations, we assess our staff’s ability to accommodate camper needs. Emagination staff members are primarily college students on summer break who are not trained or qualified to provide special or individualized care related to emotional/behavioral needs and limitations.

If a camper requires an aide at school, an aide is required at Emagination. The parent/guardian is responsible for payment of any aide compensation, room and board for the aide and the aide is subject to a criminal background check and must be interviewed by an Emagination corporate staff member prior to camp.

We reserve the right to determine whether or not we can adequately meet the needs of any applicant and to decline the registration of any individual when deemed appropriate.


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