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Empower your journey to leadership with our four week Teen Leadership Program – where every teen can shine and lead!

Teen Leadership Program

Unlock your potential with our Teen Leadership Program! Open to all high schoolers in 10th grade or above, our Program Assistants (PAs) get even more from camp with this progressive, multi-year program. Participants embark on a transformative experience, gaining valuable skills and insights to lead change within themselves and their communities. Join us and become part of something extraordinary today!

4 Week Overnight Program

  • 10th Grade or Higher

  • On Campus Housing

  • Evening & Weekend Activities

Junior PAs

Junior PAs are entering the program for the first time this summer.  Junior PAs are introduced to leadership and life skills, while given the opportunities to practice them throughout their time at camp.

Senior PAs

Senior PAs are returning PAs who arrive at camp ready to put their skills to work as they take on responsibilities within the camp community and the Teen Leadership Program. They are a great resource for Junior PAs and are expected to display leadership and guidance within the program. 



The Teen Leadership Program offers a positive, inclusive environment for PAs to take on new challenges, experience success and learn from mistakes.   As PAs learn new skills, they are given opportunities to implement them in camp from running the canteen, helping at camper check in/out, and escorting campers to planning and leading group activities.

PAs are given the option to assist in a technology course of their choice once they have completed the first week of the Teen Leadership Program. As a PA Assist, they answer individual camper questions, troubleshoot project issues, and may be selected to teach one or more small segments of the course.

The Emagination Staff Team serve as role models for the PAs and provide support, guidance and encouragement as they learn and practice leadership.


Emagination’s Teen Leadership Workshop is key to PAs' success in their role at camp.  PAs meet daily with the Teen Leadership Program Coordinator to explore various topics through group discussions and related activities. Skills practiced in the workshop include characteristics of a good leader, delegation, activity planning, budgeting, communication, time management, cooperation and teamwork, conflict resolution, and more. 

In addition to the Teen Leadership Workshop, PAs take STEM courses during their 4 weeks at camp. Each week consists of two STEM courses or one STEM course and one PA Assist.

PAs participate in daily recreation with the rest of the campers. They may choose to demonstrate games and rules or lead activities as well as just have fun and play.


PA Perks

Emagination’s Teen Leadership Program allows PAs to explore essential soft skills, earn community service hours, and receive a letter of recommendation while gaining experience as a leader.  When competing for college admissions and future jobs, these opportunities may be what sets them apart from their peers.

Expectations of PAs are high, but not at the expense of having fun, developing tech skills and making new friends.  PAs are acknowledged and rewarded at camp with a dedicated PA Lounge for exclusive hang-out sessions, later bedtimes, PA Only activities and a PA discount. Most importantly they end the summer with a network of friends that tend to stay connected well beyond camp.


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