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Girls at Recess


Our Honor Code protects campers, foster positive values, and create a camp culture that promotes learning, fun and personal growth in an environment of respect. Our goal is for every camper to successfully complete camp; however, Emagination administration reserves the right to send home any camper who violates the spirit or the letter of the Honor Code, or who otherwise endangers the character and integrity of Emagination STEM Camps.


Internet use is supervised while in class and during free time, and visiting inappropriate websites is strictly prohibited. Campers who bring computers from home may connect to wireless internet access; however, our rules require that dorm room doors remain open when campers are not dressing or sleeping. We cannot guarantee complete online security for campers who bring their own devices; however, any violation will be addressed swiftly.


  • I will project a positive image and energy.

  • I will refrain from the use and possession of alcohol, vapes and other nicotine/tobacco products, fireworks, weapons or illegal drugs.

  • I will stay on campus, unless I leave with a parent/guardian and only after signing out with the Camp Director or Assistant Director.

  • I will be where I am supposed to be at all times.


  • I will be courteous and kind to all campers and staff.  

  • I will wear my mask properly at all required times and follow all camp covid protocols to protect myself and others.

  • I will not fight, bully, swear or behave in a manner that is disruptive, verbally or physically cruel, harassing, etc., whether in person, or through electronic postings or other communications.

  • I will not electronically post names of or tag other campers or Emagination staff.

  • I will not enter the dorm room of any staff member. 

  • I will leave the door to my room open at all times, except after bedtime or when dressing or undressing.

  • When using the internet, I will have the dorm room door open and will only access age and content appropriate web sites.

  • I will speak up to ensure the safety of others.   


  • I will only access the internet on camp or camper devices, during the times established in Emagination’s Internet Policy. 

  • I will only access age and/or content appropriate websites and apps.

  • I will only engage in activities that are legal and will avoid activities I know to be wrong. 

  • I will not tamper with hardware, the operating system, system files or stored documents.  I will not duplicate camp software or software belonging to other campers, download or duplicate software from the camp network, engage in hacking or creating viruses.

  • I will not download licensed or copyrighted software or music files and I will not download warez, appz or cracking tools. 

  • I will bring my computer to camp with updated antivirus software installed and running.


  • I will be respectful of personal and shared areas of camp, keep my own personal areas reasonably neat and report to staff any damage to property that may occur.  

  • My parents/guardians are responsible and financially liable for any and all damages that I cause to Emagination or host campus property.

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