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Camp FAQs

When it comes to choosing the right summer camp for your child, we recognize that the options can be overwhelming, and you likely have many questions. With over 40 years of experience, we've encountered just about every question imaginable, and we're here to provide you with answers. 

Q. How is Emagination different from other STEM camps?


Emagination stands out from other camps in several key ways: Variety and Choice: Emagination campers personalize their two week schedule by selecting 4 courses from over 20 STEM options. This empowers campers to explore multiple interests, from coding and robotics to digital arts and game design, offering a more enriching and comprehensive experience. From customizable course selections to extended hours and optional add-ons, we strive to accommodate individual preferences and schedules. In-Person Instruction: Emagination's skilled instructors deliver engaging live lessons in small classroom settings, ensuring plenty of hands-on practice and projects. With a 1:7 staff to camper ratio, instructors can provide personalized guidance and support throughout the learning process. Unforgettable Summer Experience: We're all about crafting unforgettable summer experiences and prioritize building a sense of community and camaraderie among campers! Beyond the exciting world of STEM, we infuse each day with a variety of unplugged activities. From recreation to theme days to talent shows and Super Saturday, there's always something exciting happening to spark fun, discovery, and friendship among our campers. Longer Sessions: Our two-week long sessions open the door to even more fun, learning, and community building! With this extended duration, campers have the opportunity for deeper engagement and more meaningful experiences. Whether they're diving into STEM courses, bonding with fellow campers, or exploring new skills, our two-week sessions provide the perfect environment for growth and discovery. Personal Growth: While STEM learning is at the core of the curriculum, Emagination recognizes the importance of growth beyond the classroom. Whether it's through activities on the field, talent shows, or interactions in the residence hall, campers have opportunities for personal development and discovery. Optional After Hours Events for Day Campers: Special events like the Talent Show, Girls Night, and Super Saturday, featuring a day of outdoor games, challenges, and recreation provide day campers with ample opportunities to immerse themselves in the vibrant camp community, offering a richer camp experience. Meals provided. (included in tuition).

Q. What is the day like?


The day kicks off with a hearty breakfast for our overnight campers and staff. Day campers can opt in to this delicious start to the day. After morning check-in, campers gather for an energizing group meeting, setting the stage for an awesome day ahead. Throughout the day, campers dive into two exciting STEM courses - one morning and one afternoon (four courses per session). They enjoy two 30-minute breaks for some recreational fun, savor a healthy lunch, and connect with fellow campers during unstructured playtime. Plus, they get some free time in the labs, all while earning points for their team in the thrilling Pardus Cup Challenge! For our overnight and extended day campers, the fun doesn't stop after their courses. They refuel with a delicious meal in the cafeteria then get into their Pardus Cup teams for an all camp activity followed by open labs, unstructured outdoor play or free time in the dorms. Whether it's battling it out in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, enjoying board and card games, engaging in outdoor field games, or relaxing in your dorm room, there's something for everyone. As the day winds down, everyone heads to the canteen for a tasty snack before settling in for a good night's sleep.

Q. How does course selection work?


During registration, you will select the morning and afternoon courses that align with your camper’s interests for each week of camp. Our staff are happy to chat and go over the options – just give us a call or send us an email. First choice and alternate course selections are required during registration.

Q. What if my camper selects a course that is not a good fit?


Don’t worry! If a camper discovers their initially chosen course isn't the right fit, they can switch until Tuesday morning, subject to availability. If a staff member recommends a change, we'll promptly reach out to the parent/guardian to discuss the best alternative course option.

Q. Who are your staff? Who teaches the courses?


Our counselors are college students and recent grads studying related fields. Using our curated curriculum, they make learning enjoyable and engaging. Many were former campers, eager to give back to the community that shaped them. Their passion and enthusiasm for technology create a supportive and fun environment for campers to learn and grow. In addition, each campus has a Leadership Team made up of a Director, Assistant Director, and Program Coordinator. Our average staff-to-camper ratio is 1:7. Camp staff are subjected to a rigorous hiring process. This includes a pre-employment application, interviews, reference checks, and background checks. Prior to the start of the camp season , all staff are required to attend onsite skills training in subjects such as Teaching, Child Safety & Behavior, Team Building, and Policies & Procedures.

Q. What are meals like? My camper has allergies, can you accommodate?


Campers enjoy buffet style meals in the campus dining hall with a wide variety of delicious and healthy options prepared by a culinary team that's savvy about allergies and sensitivities. Call or email us with any concerns.

Q. Is your camp and inclusive camp?


Absolutely! We welcome a diverse group of campers and foster an inclusive environment through group activities, staff training, as well as provide various accommodations upon request. Our goal is to be a place where every camper is respected, valued, and can feel comfortable and be themselves. If you have any specific questions or requests, please contact camp administration directly.

Q. Can the camp accommodate special needs campers? Are Emagination campuses handicap accessible?


Emagination’s staff are not trained or qualified to support campers with emotional and/or behavioral needs or limitations. Rest assured, all of our campus locations are handicap accessible. If a prospective camper has special needs, we request that you reach out to us before registering. Our goal is to make sure each camper is set up for success. We're here to have a conversation about any special accommodations, assistance, or the possibility of camper aides that may be needed.

Q. What is your cancellation and refund policy?


Cancellations must be received in writing 45 days prior to the first day of the camp session. Approved cancellations will be refunded the tuition payment less than the $200 administration fee. Cancellations received within 45 calendar days of camp, but not less than 14 calendar days prior to the first day of camp, you will receive a camp account credit for all monies paid, less the $200 administrative fee. Cancellations received within 14 calendar days of camp will receive a camp account credit equal to 50% of the monies paid for camp, less a $200 administrative fee. All prior year camp account credits expire August 31 (unless otherwise noted), and are transferable to immediate family members only. Refunds and/or credits will not be awarded to campers who leave a session after camp starts.

Q. What are the day camp hours?


The standard day starts with drop off at 8:30 AM and a pick-up window between 4:30 and 5:30 PM. For those who need more flexibility or want more time at camp, extended hours are available, allowing for drop-off as early as 7:30 AM with breakfast provided and pick-up as late as 7:30 PM with dinner and evening activities included.

Q. What is housing like for overnight campers?


Our campers and staff enjoy comfortable, air-conditioned dormitories complete with Wi-Fi access, cozy lounges perfect for hanging out, a variety of video games and other activities to keep the fun going and community bathrooms that offer privacy and space. But our emphasis goes beyond mere accommodations—it's about fostering connections. At Emagination, we value camaraderie and friendship, evident even in our dormitory assignments. Each camper is paired with a roommate in their age group, ensuring they have a companion to share in the adventure. So get ready to create lasting memories, form new friendships, and embrace the true spirit of Emagination, all while enjoying the comfort of your dorm!

Q. Are laundry facilities available at camp? What support is provided for campers who are new to doing their own laundry?


Yes, washing machines and dryers are available in the dorm at each camp location. Sunday is designated as laundry day, and our staff are on hand to assist campers who are new to the process. We offer guidance and support with laundry tasks, as part of our commitment to teaching independence and self-resilience skills during the camp experience.

Q. Can parents visit on the weekend?


Sorry, Mom and Dad, Emagination is just for the campers! Weekends are a crucial part of camp life, allowing campers to bond with their peers, enjoy exciting activities, and truly immerse themselves in the camp community.

Q. What happens on the weekend?


Weekdays are for courses and weekends are for fun-filled activities! Get ready for Super Saturday, the ultimate day of excitement where teams of campers and counselors unite for outdoor challenges, water activities, and gaming tournaments. After a day packed with thrills, campers wind down with dinner, a movie and/or gaming tournaments. And guess what? Day Campers are welcome to join in at no extra cost! As for Sundays, they're all about relaxation before diving into another awesome week of STEM Courses and excitement. Campers can sleep in, hang out in the dorms or computer labs, tackle their laundry, or head out to the fields to soak up some fun in the sun.

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