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Student Volunteers


Lead the way in STEM-based learning

The Emagination team selects and trains only the best and brightest for their summer tech camp locations. Counselors often begin their journey as campers, and become part of the Emagination family — staying with us for 10 year or more!


Make your summer matter by joining a team that educates, entertains, and helps develop healthy kids! Although challenging at times, the Emagination summer camp experience offers incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Summer opportunities include positions for camp counselors,  leadership, information technology, or healthcare staff.

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Mentor the next generation of video game enthusiasts, digital artists, programmers and engineers while making new friends and experiencing personal growth. Share your passion and make a positive impact on kids and teens.

Emagination provides hands-on opportunities for developing communication, coaching, problem solving and conflict-management skills. The benefits go far beyond a paycheck. Emagination summer camps will give you a positive experience that you will value the rest of your life!

Earn a weekly salary plus free housing and meals. Our campuses are within a short distance of major cities like Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington DC, and New York City, with time to explore the local area. We also provide high-quality training in teaching, team building, child behavior, and time management—all impressive credentials on a resume. In some instances, your experience with Emagination will also qualify for college credit as a paid internship (talk with a school counselor for details).


Come with a desire to teach and care for kids, a passion for a technology-centered program (whether you have tech skills or not), a positive attitude, patience, enthusiasm, flexibility, and a willingness to work hard and you will do well at Emagination. Expect long hours, hard work, and great rewards as you see the impact you’re making on the next generation of campers.


The campers rely on staff for guidance, support, accountability, empathy, and fun, so everyone works together to provide the best summer experience. Emagination is a place where kids and teens are accepted for who they are and encouraged to be their very best.


Pre-camp Communications:
Stay connected via email & staff groups on social media.

Curriculums + Tech Skills:
We provide you with a professional curriculum to teach each course. Just bring your tech & software skills!

Pre-camp Training:
In-person courses on teaching, managing a classroom, scheduling, behavior management, safety & emergency procedures with time to practice curriculums.

Ongoing Support:
Each campus has an experienced leadership team in place to help you succeed. Training doesn’t stop when the campers arrive – we continue to help you develop all through the summer.

Experienced Team Members:
Since 1982, our leadership staff has returned for multiple years — some having been former campers and teen leaders. Our program is dedicated to continual improvement, and we do our best to make sure you have an awesome summer. When you enjoy yourself, so do our campers! 


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