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About Our STEM Camps

Since 1982, Emagination has combined STEM learning with summer camp fun for kids and teens ages 8 to 17! Our mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire kids and teens in a safe and inclusive community that encourages exploration and personal growth.

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1982 was a memorable year for progress and technology. The year's blockbusters were showing off the latest special effects in films like Bladerunner, E.T., Poltergeist, and Tron, and Michael Jackson's astonishing album, Thriller, was heard and seen everywhere. The compact disc had just emerged to prove that lasers can outperform records, tapes, and 8-tracks, but the Sony Walkman was tops on everyone's must-have list. That same year, Walt Disney opened the Epcot Center to show us the world of tomorrow, and the Commodore 64 is launched—and goes on to sell over 20 million units until it's retired in 1994.

It was in this atmosphere of excitement and experimentation in the new Digital Age that Emagination STEM Camps were born to help usher in the next generation of computer and technology experts, and become the "Dungeon Master" vanguard for kids who wanted to explore the inner workings of Pac-Man and Pong, or probe the inner magic of their IBM, TRS-80, and Apple computers.

For over 40 years Emagination STEM Camps has provided a safe space to explore these ideas in a summer camp setting. Kids from the States and around the world with an interest in technology, computers, and STEM-based programs have come to our camp for inspiration, community, and a solid education. We also manage to pull those same kids away from screens each day to make friends, enjoy the outdoors, and explore new activities! 
Join us this summer at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT, Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, IL and Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA. Our camp are hosted at universities and boarding schools nestled in beautiful, quiet suburbs Our staff is comprised of experienced camp professionals—and many alumni—who are dedicated to delivering a fun and rewarding summer camp experience.

Emagination’s STEM Camp Program merges a technology-based curriculum with a traditional summer camp experience. Campers range in age from 8 to 17, and high school aged campers are invited to participate in our Teen Leadership Program to continue their personal development and receive support in pursuing career and creative opportunities. 

Emagination STEM Camps are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) in Connecticut and all locations are operated using the Associations' camp standards

A Look Back to Our Early Years...

Vintage Photo Kids on Computer
Vintage Photo Kids On Computer
Vintage Photo Rockets with Kids
Vintage Photo Kids Working on Computer
Vintage Girl Working on Apple Computer
Vintage Photo Kids Sailing in Boston
Vintage Photo Kids on Computer
Tennis Lessons Vintage Photo
Vintage Photo Kids on Computer
Tech Camp Vintage Photo
Vintage Photo Kids Building Computer


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Kids at STEM Camp

The Emagination STEM Camp family is looking forward to another 40 years of helping kids imagine and build the future of technology. We hope you'll consider joining us on the fun and exciting journey.

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