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Our Camp Staff

The Emagination team selects and trains only the best and brightest for their summer tech camp locations. Counselors often begin their journey as campers before developing into a member of the Emagination seasonal team — staying with us for 10 year or more!

Leading the way in STEM-based Learning

  • Face-to-Face Instruction

  • High Standards in Hiring

  • Pre-Camp Training

  • Low Staff-to-Camper Ratios


A Shared Passion for Technology

Our team of counselors are recent college graduates and students studying computer science, digital art, information technologies, game design, and related fields. They share the campers’ passion for computers and digital technologies.
Best of all: they LOVE working with kids.

Tech Camps Staff Group Photo

Face-to-Face Instruction

Emagination Counselors instruct campers from carefully prepared and professionally-developed curriculums. We believe online tutorials are less effective when teaching kids and value the additional skills—like problem-solving, socializing, and cooperation—that are gained from an in-person summer camp environment.


High Standards = Great Counselors

Our educational leaders possess strong technology skills and experience with children. We begin by recruiting from a variety of colleges and universities to build a team that meets our qualifications and high standards. Recruits participate in interviews with members from the Emagination corporate team, followed by reference follow-ups and extensive background checks.

Pre-Camp Training

Every summer counselors arrive on campus before camp starts to complete Emagination’s on-site training program. Developed over 40 years, our program teaches the fundamentals of teaching, course curriculum standards, how to ease homesickness, how to manage camper behavior issues, emergency procedures, and proper conduct. Camp Directors, Assistant Directors, and select counselors are also certified in First Aid and CPR.

Low Staff-to-Camper Ratios

We believe in nurturing the growth and development of kids one camper at a time. That is why we maintain an average staff-to-camper ratio of 1:7— far exceeding the standards set by the American Camping Association. Our conservative staff ratios help us build rapport with campers, resulting in higher information retention rates, and a welcoming environment for STEM-based learning.

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