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Here’s What You’ll Learn at Coding Camp

At Emagination Tech Camps, we’re elated to consistently provide a balanced experience to the campers who join us each summer. There is a ton of flexibility when it comes to the types of camps available, along with the locations that are offered.

One thing that makes our camps unique is the fact that campers can customize their experience based on exactly what they want to do. There are courses available for campers of every age and skill level, and all of the tech courses you see were offered at each of our locations. There’s also an opportunity to mold your experience in such a way that you can combine time doing techy things with also being outside to do typical summer camp stuff, or just focus on everything tech during your time with us.

Learn to program in Java at Emagination Coding Camp

A popular offering for us includes coding camp, which is specifically available for teens aged 13 to 17, enabling them to learn how to code using Java, which is one of today’s most popular dynamic programming languages. If you’re looking for coding camp for a student that’s aged 12 and under, don’t worry! We have options available for them, too.

While it’s helpful to generally know what you or your student will be learning at coding camp this summer, what are the specifics? We like including as many details as possible so you all can make decisions as a family over what makes the most sense.

There are six different coding classes campers have to choose from at tech camp, all of which you can see right here. For today, though, we’re going to focus on the following three specifically.

AI & Machine Learning This particular course is open to anyone, but the prerequisites include a skill level of intermediate to advanced, along with both a working knowledge of algebra and prior programming experience.

Campers will leave this class having made constructs for sampled learning and classification while also learning quite a bit of information. Some of this information includes getting a breakdown of the history of artificial intelligence, data modeling and the uses in machine learning, an understanding of linear progression, and the basics of probability theory, plus its use in classification modeling algorithms.

Coding Basics with Python As long as you have a working knowledge of algebra, beginner and intermediate tech campers will be able to participate in this particular class. The software being used is obviously Python, but also Pycharm, and students will walk away having created custom Python programs. In addition to getting programming fundamentals, campers will also get exposed to object-oriented design principles, variables, loops, and functions, and Boolean logic.

Coding in Java Open to all ages and skill levels, this gives campers a chance to learn to code using Java, which, as we mentioned previously, is the most popular of the dynamic programming languages. The software used in this class includes Java SDK and Eclipse IDE, which will allow campers to head home with a working Java application. They’ll also learn how to build cross-platform applications, get exposed to programming logic and implementation, and gain a solid foundation of programming skills to build upon looking into the future.



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