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Here’s How You Can Get Exposed to Engineering at Summer Tech Camp

At Emagination Tech Camps, we’re elated to consistently provide a balanced experience to the campers who join us each summer. There is a ton of flexibility when it comes to the types of camps available, along with the locations that are offered.

One thing that makes our camps unique is the fact that campers can customize their experience based on exactly what they want to do. There are courses available for campers of every age and skill level, and all of the tech courses you see were offered at each of our locations. There’s also an opportunity to mold your experience in such a way that you can combine time doing techy things with also being outside to do typical summer camp stuff, or just focus on all tech stuff during your time with us.

A popular offering for us includes our engineering courses. If you love science and math and aren’t too sure about whether engineering could be a fit for you down the road as a major during your college years, then this is the perfect time to try and find out! We offer five different engineering-related courses to choose from at each of our locations. Here are a handful of those course offerings to give you a glimpse as to what you could potentially learn upon joining us at Emagination this summer.

Explore engineering at Emagination Tech Camps

Circuits and Sabers If you’re interested in engineering and love Star Wars, then this course literally checks all the boxes for you. Campers will be able to learn about the fundamentals of circuitry through using Autodesk tinkercad, as well as how to program and simulate Arduino code and how to design and build a lightsaber.

And no, that’s not a typo. By the end of class, campers will be able to head back home with a prop quality lightsaber to show off to friends and family.

Cybersecurity and Cryptography Given how much work is done electronically and over the internet these days, it’s vitally important to learn current security tools and applications, along with getting exposed to security practices for being online. It’s also a pretty sought-after skill in the workplace upon entering the “real world”. Campers will also get a history of cryptography and learn the current methods of file and communication encryption.

Once the class is over, campers will have a custom encryption and secure storage solution for their work.

Explorations in Engineering If you’re unsure which parts of engineering you’re totally interested in yet, this is a great course because it helps campers get exposed to different concepts while assembling the electronic components to build and program a Piper Rasberry Pi micro-computer. Campers must have a Mojang account because Minecraft software will be used. The course will help in building a camper’s fundamental learning and understanding in architectural design and how to create Redstone powered devices in Minecraft.



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