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All the Information You Need For Summer Tech Camp

Trying to figure out which tech camp is the right fit for the upcoming summer is a lengthy process! If someone is going to be sacrificing two weeks of their summer in order to experience some kind of camp for a subject they’re interested in, then they must make sure it at least appears like it’ll be a worthwhile thing to do.

We’re confident that your search for a top-notch tech camp experience will end once you see all we have to offer here at Emagination Tech Camps. As a family-owned business that’s been doing this since 1982, we know a thing or two about giving campers something to smile about as they start preparing for their future at a young age!

Info about Emagination Tech Camps

There are five different locations for our tech camps, which includes Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. There may be some stipulations on age and skill level for individual courses, but our camps – which have day and overnight options and are two weeks long – are open to campers aged 8 to 17 years old. There’s also an opportunity to mix in that “traditional” summer camp experienced with non-technology options like swimming or field games. Don’t worry, though, most of your experience will be tech focused – we’re just giving you the chance to mix in one recreational activity and customize your time with us a little bit.

We’ve already detailed the dates, times, location, and prices of our 2020 summer tech camps elsewhere, but what other information do you need to know about us before committing to join us? Knowing about the following three areas will definitely help.

The Emagination Difference What makes us different than our competition? Well, we’re proud to have a huge selection of tech courses that are taught by qualified instructors in person using top-notch curriculums. And if you’ve enrolled in a class that you no longer want to be in, campers have the opportunity to switch courses all the way up to the first day of camp (subject to availability). That should make everyone take a deep breath and relax knowing that if you don’t make the right decision with a class right away, there’s always an opportunity to switch it with another one that might be a better fit.

Emagination Tech Camps - Technology Learning PLUS Summer Camp Fun

Summer Camp Activities There are tons of different activities available to campers that have nothing to do with our tech classes. They range from camper groups to unstructured play time and theme day. While campers are obviously here to learn some new things, we also know they don’t want every minute of their day scheduled with work. That’s why we find it very important to give them some choices within the scope of their daily schedule. In addition to an evening program, there’s also an evening talent show where campers and counselors perform skits and share their talents with the entire camp community.

Growing with Emagination As you continue to advance in age, you can be happy to know that you won’t ever be too old for Emagination Tech Camps – there are just different opportunities. If you’re in the 7th grade or below before camp, you’re considered an Ultimate Camper, while Senior Campers are in 8th grade or higher before camp. Senior Campers also get an opportunity to be a part of the Teen Leadership Program.



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