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Three Things Every Summer Tech Camp Should Have

Regardless of whether you’re driving 20 minutes or two hours to drop your child off at one of our Emagination Tech Camps this summer, we know how vital it is as a parent to know all of the details ahead of time. After all, you’re planning on trusting us with someone you love dearly! It’s also worth noting that campers will truly have a great experience and learn a lot about the subject they’re studying -- and themselves -- if it’s all happening in a safe and fun environment.

There is plenty of information on our website detailing how great our camps are and all of the things we’ll have planned for your child once you’ve dropped them off -- whether it’s for a day camp or an overnight camp.

When it comes to some of the details that are the same for every single camp, we do each summer, there three things we make sure are included: an emphasis on safety, an emphasis on healthcare, and the ability to be flexible for special accommodations.

Emagination focuses on the Safety, Health and Well Being of our campers


In a regular year, the safety of every camper was our top priority. It’s only become more important to us following the type of year we’ve all experienced due to COVID-19.

Campers are supervised by counselors and/or staff members at all times. As they’re making their way across campus for any particular reason, campers will be accompanied by Senior Campers or Program Assistants.

Also, since we run tech camps, we place a special consideration on internet usage. The internet is used during supervised workshops and free time. We don’t condone the viewing of anything inappropriate at any time, and our rules require campers to keep their dorm room doors open at all times, unless they’re getting changed or sleeping.


We do our best to work in tandem with parents and physicians of our campers since they’re providing us with important health information about those joining us on campus. Getting information prior to camp allows us the time necessary to prepare for any specific dietary, activity, or any other restrictions/limitations. If there are any questions related to health issues, don’t hesitate to call and let us know.

Within three miles of all our locations, there is a hospital in the event of an emergency. Not only do we employ a health supervisor on each campus, but all Directors, Assistant Directors, and select counselors are First Aid/CPR Certified.

Special Accommodations

While we are not a special needs camp, we would like to be inclusive to all and we will consider, on a case-by-case basis, campers with limitations.

As an example, if a camper requires an aide in school, an aide is required at Emagination, and families will take on the responsibility to have someone on-site with the camper from both a financial and logistical perspective. Since our staff is vastly composed of college students on summer break, we like to have as many conversations with families as early as possible to assess whether we’ll be able to accommodate a student in the exact way that’ll be best for their experience with us.



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