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Where Are the Best 2020 Tech Camps Located?

While Emagination Tech Camps have been around for more than 30 years, some people may be surprised that our summer camp locations are still only limited to five different spots. In this particular case, it’s important to focus on quality instead of quantity. We’ve been proud to host people from all over – whether they lived a few towns over from one of our locations or halfway across the world.

If you’re coming from further away – especially as an overnight camper – then we’re happy to help with your transportation experience in order to get you on campus! We pick up and drop off overnight campers from airports, railroad stations, and bus terminals. That doesn’t mean we don’t help day campers, too, though. We assist those families with carpools and also offer daily train station service in Connecticut, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

So, what exactly about these locations makes them the best spots for summer tech camps? Let’s get into some of the fun details to help you see the light.

Connecticut – Fairfield University

Emagination Tech Camps at Fairfield University

Fairfield University is perfect from a location perspective because it’s not only in a quiet suburban area of New England, but it’s also centrally located to all towns in Fairfield County and New York City. It doesn’t hurt that it’s nearby I-95 and the Metro North train (New Haven line).

Fairfield has a dedicated academic building that serves as the hub for all technology learning during our two-week camps. Thanks to having an expansive campus with plenty of green areas, there are also lots of opportunities for students to take advantage of unplugging from their computers for a few minutes, too. Throw in a renovated campus center with a state-of-the-art food court and dorms that are a short walk from the main academic building, and it’s the best-case scenario.

Georgia – Mercer University – Atlanta Campus

Emagination Tech Camps at Mercer University - Atlanta Campus

Having an Atlanta location makes it easy for any family in the southeast area of the United States to come and experience what an Emagination Tech Camp is really like. The 200-acre campus is perfectly maintained, once again giving students plenty of opportunities to take advantage of some outside time. However, it is Atlanta and it’s the summer, so since it gets hot, there’s also an indoor pool and gym for those who don’t want to sweat all that much.

Similar to Fairfield, the technology camp workshops at Mercer are centrally located in one main academic building, as well.

Illinois – Lake Forest College

Emagination Tech Camps at Lake Forest College

Once again, this location is very accessible for people coming from different areas, as Lake Forest is situated just outside of Chicago. The campus center is where all of the technology learning takes place for all of our camps, which is super convenient because there is a newly renovated food court in this same building. Mere feet away is a huge green area for campers to enjoy some outdoor games, and if they’d rather go for a swim, that can be done in the campus gym. It’s also not a bad deal for overnight campers since they’ll be staying suite-style dorms that are fully air conditioned.

Massachusetts – Bentley University

Emagination Tech Camps at Bentley University

Situated less than 10 miles outside of Boston, Bentley University is a unique location because while it’s a business university, it’s the perfect spot for our summer tech camp and game design camp. Classes are held in the Smith Technology Center, which houses high-tech interactive amphitheater style classrooms.

Pennsylvania – Rosemont College

Emagination Tech Camps at Rosemont College

Just outside of historic Philadelphia, Rosemont College is yet another beautiful suburban campus that’s easily accessible for campers and gives them everything they need to have an incredible summer tech camp experience. Connelly Hall is the dedicated area for our classes, which is convenient because they’re set up with computer labs.



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