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Here’s What You Can Learn About Video Game Design at Summer Camp

At Emagination Tech Camps, we’re elated to consistently provide a balanced tech camp experience to the campers who join us each summer. There is a ton of flexibility when it comes to the types of camps available, along with the locations that are offered.

One thing that makes our camps unique is the fact that campers can customize their experience based on exactly what they want to do. There are courses available for campers of every age and skill level, and all of the tech courses you see were offered at each of our locations. There’s also an opportunity to mold your experience in such a way that you can combine time doing techy things with also being outside to do typical summer camp stuff, or just focus on everything tech during your time with us.

Learn to design and build video games at Emagination Tech Camps

A popular area of courses that we offer include video game design, which obviously sounds attractive to anyone and everyone who loves playing video games. However, the academic component of video game design goes much further than grabbing the controllers to your Xbox.

With that in mind, here are five different game design classes campers can choose from.

Action Game Design This course uses the GameMaker software, and it’s specifically designed for campers to progress at their own pace since there is content available from beginner level to advanced. At the end of the course, campers will have created a 2D action game and learn about basic 2D game design theory, the differences and similarities among action games, along with developing their troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Battle Royale Game Design This course uses the Unreal Game Engine Software, and also requires campers to sign up for a free Epic Games account before starting the course. They’ll finish this experience with a Battle Royale Style game while learning about level design and editing for this specific software. Campers will also get exposed to player interactions, asset allocation and development, project workflow management, and node-based visual programming.

Game Design Elements This course has a little bit of a different feel compared to the first two we described. It’s open to all ages, but campers must bring a home game creation set with them and $35 for lab fees. They’ll finish the course with a card or board game, while learning about the similarities and differences among game genres, the development of a storyline and theme, and how to create progression and balance in a game.

Level Design This particular course uses Warcraft 3 and RPG Maker as the software, and students leave the experience with an Anime RPG and a Strategy game. While they’re with us, they’ll learn about what goes into planning a basic strategy game, game map editing, RPG design theory, simple game scripting, character action and interaction, and how to import tilesets, sprites, battle animations, and backgrounds.

Minecraft World Design Campers need to have a Mojang (also known as Minecraft) account available upon joining this particular class. However, they’ll leave having created a custom Minecraft world and having experience in building teamwork skills and how to manage and budget their resources appropriately.



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