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What is Dorm Life Like at Summer Tech Camp?

While it can vary based on each camper’s specific situation, there’s typically one big reason behind them attending a summer tech camp – they want to learn a thing or two about something they’re passionate about! After all, that’s really the reason why we’re here – our goal is to inspire and empower the next generation as much as we can through technology.

That’s also why our curriculum has expanded as much as it has over the years. Campers can get exposed to a bunch of stuff within disciplines like digital art and media, coding, engineering, and video game design. If all of the courses available are totaled up, there are more than 20 different subjects within these disciplines that are taught at one of our five locations each summer (Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania).

Our programs are two weeks long, which may seem like a long time, but there’s some flexibility in there, as well. For campers aged 8 to 17, there are day, full day, extended day, and overnight options available depending on what exactly you’re looking to get out of the upcoming tech camp experience.

Emagination Tech Camps Dorm Life
Overnight campers enjoy fun evening activities

If you’re opting for an overnight camp experience, then you’ll obviously be sleeping in the dorms throughout your two weeks with us. If you’ve never done something like that before, it’s completely normal to feel a little uneasy about it. However, we’re here to make sure you don’t feel that way! The dorms at our camp locations are very nice and nothing like the dungeons you’d see in movies. Some are modern and fully air conditioned (which is super helpful in the middle of summertime), while also being equipped with WiFi that include lounges with video games to play.

A number of the dorm arrangements are suite style living, where you’ll be sharing a room with someone your age while also sharing a bathroom with other campers either in your suite or floor. We’ll do our best to match roommates, but there’s also a good chance you’ll be heading to camp with someone you already know. If you’d like to room with one another, all you have to do is request such a thing with us via email.

Being an overnight camper means you’ll have access to the Evening Programming on a nightly basis, which gives you a bunch of options when it comes to what you’d like to experience. If you want to do something structured, you can go out and participate in outdoor field games or open labs. However, there’s also the option for free dorm time, which allows you to just chill and hang out in your room, play board or card games in the lounge, or go grab something else to eat.

We can also assure you there is a huge emphasis on safety by our staff members. Counselors and staff are supervising overnight campers 24 hours a day during camp. Overnight campers aren’t allowed to leave campus, and when they’re walking around campus, they’re escorted by either counselors, Senior Campers, or Program Assistants.

So, if you’re considering an overnight camp experience and weren’t too sure about it because you’d have to stay in a dorm, don’t think of it as a drawback – it’s actually an advantage!



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