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Secret Ingredient to A Successful Tech Camp Experience

Many people interested in participating in an Emagination Tech Camp experience ask us for some of the fundamental differences that makes our camps different than the competition. There are lots of reasons why we believe we’re the best in the business, but if we had to choose just one thing, it’d be how we focus on the entire experience and not just the tech portion of it all.

Sure, our campers join us to take anywhere from two to four STEM-related courses, or to partake in one of our coding camps, but how boring would it be if we just had campers sit in front of computers all day? There will be plenty of times where that’ll happen during courses and some structured free time, but this is a “camp” experience, and we want everyone to enjoy it as much as possible.

So even though we welcome many students to tech and coding camp each year, we make sure there are plenty of opportunities to unplug and enjoy other activities. That’s what makes the experience at Emagination different from all the other places out there. We don’t just provide an opportunity for students to partake in non-computer activities, we specifically focus on how we can make that part of camp the best it can be! Exactly what that experience will be depends on the type of camp you’ll be signing your child up for.

Students at Summer Camp

All campers will benefit from daily recreation. We dedicate certain periods of time specifically to recreation to ensure those in attendance will get that classic “summer camp” feel. And after the year we just experienced, having some semblance of normalcy will likely be welcomed by everyone. Whether it’s outdoor games (including ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, capture the flag, or LARPing) or indoor activities (like Super Smash Bros Tournaments, board games, card games, and a variety of group activities), we have something for everybody.

For overnight and extended day campers, our evening programs will include more group activities, special events, unstructured time in dorms, as well as free time in labs. Similar to how campers get to customize their academic curriculum, they have the opportunity to choose how they want to spend their time each night.

For overnight campers who decide to join us for a two-week session, we specifically have weekend activities ready for them to participate in to enjoy their downtime before courses restart on Mondays. It starts with Super Saturday, which is where teams of campers and counselors partake in water activities and other outdoor challenges, which is capped off with a delicious BBQ. To top off a fun day outside, we end it with a movie night and a LAN Party for Senior Campers.

Then, there’s Lazy Sunday, which is exactly what it sounds like. Campers get to sleep late and have free time in their dorms or the computer labs, along with choosing whether they need to do things to get ready for the week ahead, or head outside to play some more games.

Tech Camp is most certainly about the STEM subjects, but it’s also about having an unforgettable experience from start to finish. We’re excited to have you join us at one of our locations this summer so you can see firsthand why our camps are so special!



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