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Spook-TECH-ular Halloween Ideas and Projects

At Emagination Tech Camps, we love Halloween! Nothing goes better with Halloween than cool tech gear, gadgets and projects that really brings out the fun and fantasy.

As Halloween approaches, our staff are always looking out for some of the best gear and ideas to use for their own Halloween projects and parties. We thought that we would share some of their findings with you in hopes of spreading the cheer and fear of the season.

Listed below are some of the staff favorites this year: On of our favorite sites for fun family friendly Halloween projects and ideas. One of the best tech-centric DIY sites that we love to browse through when we are feeling bored. They have gathered tons of spooky fun Halloween Tech Projects that you can replicate or just simply have fun looking through. LEGO is one of the world's most popular construction media and is beloved by fans young and old. That Brick Life has a fun Halloween Challenge that will keep your kids busy all month long. If you don't have LEGO on hand, you can use BrickLink's Studio 2.0 to virtually build LEGO. At Tynker, your child can build and code their very own Halloween video game with beginner, intermediate and expert levels. and We found two great sites that you can download some of the coolest game character stencils to create your own jack-o-lanterns. At Science Buddies, explore science and engineering with a Halloween flair. From cools DIY spooky robots to how-to-guides on creating the best and grossest slime, there is STEM fun for the whole family.



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