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Learn About Digital Arts and Media at Summer Computer Camp

At Emagination Tech Camps, we’re elated to consistently provide a balanced experience to the campers who join us each summer. There is a ton of flexibility when it comes to the types of camps available, along with the locations that are offered.

One thing that makes our camps unique is the fact that campers can customize their experience based on exactly what they want to do. There are courses available for campers of every age and skill level, and all of the tech courses you see were offered at each of our locations. There’s also an opportunity to mold your experience in such a way that you can combine time doing techy things with also being outside to do typical summer camp stuff, or just focus on all tech stuff during your time with us.

A popular offering for us includes Digital Art & Media, an area of our camps where we actually offer the most courses to potentially interested in campers. These courses are available at all five of our locations (Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania) and are open to children from ages 8 to 17.

Digital Art and Media Courses at Emagination Tech Camps

We can’t go through all of the Digital Art & Media courses right now, so we’ll talk about four that your camper may want to learn more about.

3D Animated Shorts If you sign up for this class, be sure to bring a 32GB flash drive, which is recommended. It’s open to all ages and skill levels and uses Autodesk 3DS max software. Campers will leave the course with a 15-30 second animated scene that they’ve created, which is super cool! They’ll also get exposure to storyboarding, keyframe and walk cycle animation techniques, and an idea of how to use state-of-the-art software used by animation professionals.

Augmented Reality Just the title of this course sounds interesting, doesn’t it? After all, our Augmented Reality course allows campers to dive into transformative technologies that are changing the experiences in entertainment, science, and medicine. The course is open to all campers, but they’ll need an Android smartphone and a free Unity account.

They’ll be able to head home with an augmented scene with 3D assets while also having learned about User Interface scripting, how to implement interactive virtual objects, and how to mix a pre-rendered scene with a real-life environment.

Photoshop We’ve all likely heard of Photoshop at one point in our lives, but not everybody has actually used the software. And while some people have heard about it and used the software, there still room for improvement from an experience level. By the end of class, campers will be able to create custom 2D images and GIF animations, along with learning about how to manipulate layers and filters.

Web Design Have you ever wanted to create your own website? Well, here’s your chance! Open to all campers, our web design course allows participants to be exposed to a number of different types of software: XAMPP, HTML5, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. Campers will leave with having created their own website that features a personal interest. They’ll also get exposed to things like HTML5 coding structure, stylesheet creation (CSS), and how to use PHP to embed dynamic features.



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