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Interested in Coding Camps? There’s an Opportunity for Everyone

Trying to figure out which coding camp is the right fit for the upcoming year is a lengthy process! If someone is going to be sacrificing two weeks of their summer in order to experience some kind of camp for a subject they’re interested in, then they must make sure it at least appears like it’ll be a worthwhile thing to do.

We’re confident that your search for a top-notch coding camp experience will end once you see all we have to offer here at Emagination Tech Camps. As a family-owned business that’s been doing this since 1982, we know a thing or two about giving campers something to smile about as they start preparing for their future at a young age!

Emagination Coding Camp - Teens 13-17 learn to code in a two-week STEM program

There are five different locations for our coding camps, which includes Connecticut (Fairfield University), Georgia (Mercer University – Atlanta campus), Massachusetts (Bentley University), Pennsylvania (Rosemont College), and Illinois (Lake Forest College). Our camps – which have day and overnight options and are two weeks long – are open to campers aged 13 to 17 years old. There’s also an opportunity to mix in that “traditional” summer camp experienced with non-technology options like swimming or field games. Don’t worry, though, most of your experience will be tech focused – we’re just giving you the chance to mix in one recreational activity and customize your time with us a little bit.

That’s where there can be a little bit of an issue, though – the age restriction that our coding camp has. What if you’re younger than 13 years old and would still like to learn how to code? Well, we still have exciting options available for campers aged 8 to 17 years old through our tech camps. There are coding workshops available in Scratch, Python, Java, C++, and a lot more.

Having the chance to still participate in coding workshops in Java is incredibly valuable for campers at such a young age because it’s one of the most popular dynamic programming languages. This workshop helps campers develop the fundamentals in Java programming that’s needed to build different applications for things like Windows, XML web services, distributed components, and client server applications, among other things.

This type of foundational learning with Emagination can help set the stage for campers to explore other programming languages, too. This particular course at our tech camps is open to all ages and skill levels since the course itself is designed for participants to go at their own pace in learning the content. Plus, they’re more than welcome to take the course more than once if they didn’t progress as much as they were hoping to the first time around.

The software used is Java SDK and Eclipse IDE. Campers will learn programming logic and implementation, gain a solid foundation of programming skills, and have an idea on how to build cross-platform applications. At the end of it all, they’ll be able to walk away with a working Java application on their hands.

So, even if you’re not old enough to officially go to an Emagination Coding Camp, there’s still a way to get exposed to coding to see if it’s something you’d like to continue pursuing throughout your teenage years.



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