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Important Things to Consider for Summer Coding Camp

Trying to figure out which tech camp is the right fit for the upcoming summer is a lengthy process. If someone is going to be sacrificing two weeks of their summer in order to experience some kind of camp for a subject they’re interested in, then they must make sure it at least appears like it’ll be a worthwhile thing to do.

We’re confident that your search for a top-notch tech camp experience will end once you see everything we have to offer here at Emagination Tech Camps. As a family-owned business that’s been doing this for more than 30 years, we know a thing or two about giving campers something to smile about as they start preparing for their future at a young age!

Students at Coding Camp

Even with all those things considered, we know that it’s a large commitment for any parent to allow their child – no matter the age – to attend a camp (especially an overnight camp) for an extended period of time. And if they’re going to be willing to do so, there are certain aspects and details of camp that you need to know about.

Those details include safety, healthcare, and any special accommodations for those that need it.

Safety You’re putting your child’s safety into our hands, and we take that responsibility seriously. Anxiety can be heightened when a child heads off to a two-week overnight camp – especially when the distance from home is more than 20 minutes – and the last thing we want you to do is worry about whether they’re safe or not on a college campus during the summer.

Campers are supervised by counselors and other staff 24 hours a day and are escorted by counselors, Senior Campers, or Program Assistants when they walk around campus. Overnight campers aren’t allowed to leave campus, and if a child is attending a day camp, a password is required for pick-up. Camp rules also stipulate supervised internet access.

Healthcare Every camper is a little bit different, so we make sure they’re treated in that way. Prior to camp getting underway, we’re happy to receive any information from parents or the doctor of the camper that clues us in on any particular medical conditions we need to be aware of. This includes but isn’t limited to dietary, activity, or other restrictions/limitations.

If there are any questions regarding healthcare, please don’t feel like you can’t ask the question. If it’s important to you, then we also view it as important and would rather answer it instead of not talking it out.



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