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Customize Your Summer Camp Experience

If your child loves technology and wants to spend part of their summer surrounded by it, then you’ve stopped at the right place. Emagination Tech Camps started with humble beginnings in Massachusetts, but we’ve stood the test of time since being founded all the way back in 1982.

We’re proud to be doing what we’ve done for so long, especially as a family-owned company that’s accredited by the American Camp Association at our Connecticut and Massachusetts locations. Our mission for camps every single summer is to educate, entertain, and help develop healthy kids and teens. This is done by carefully finding the balance between learning about technology and offering activities and the lifetime benefits of your typical summer camp experience.

Emagination Tech Camps allows campers to customize their courses

We offer tech camp options at centrally located college campuses in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. We know that you’re spending part of your summer with us to up your game in the tech world, and we have plenty of options for that. However, this is still summer camp, and we want to make sure you have a chance to unplug from your laptop and smartphone for a little bit in order to enjoy the “typical” summer camp experience.

Emagination Tech Camps - Tech Learning with Summer Camp Fun

But maybe not everyone wants to do that! Everybody is a little different, and we want to empower our campers to take charge of their experience and customize it in a way that really gets them excited. That’s why we allow campers to build their schedule by either choosing three tech courses (out of 22 total options) and one recreational activity (out of four choices), which is commonly known as “Tech & Rec”. This is the most popular path chosen by Emagination Tech Campers.

The second option is the “All Tech” route, which eliminates the recreational activity. Instead of taking just three tech courses in order to accommodate the rec activity, students who choose this path can simply choose four tech courses they’d like to participate in. Students who go on this path must add $95 of tuition to what is already seen on the website.

So, what are the tech topics and the courses within those topics? We’re glad you asked! There are four different general topics where these 22 courses can land within. If you’re interested in Digital Art & Media, there are classes like the following:

Then there’s Engineering, which houses the following course topics:

Next is the ever-popular Coding, which includes the following courses:

Finally, there’s Video Game Design, a topic that has these courses offered:

And if you’re considering taking the Tech and Rec path, there are a handful of recreation activities to choose from, which includes swimming, field games, indoor games, and Dungeons & Dragons.



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