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Check Out These Fun Activities to Look Forward to at Summer Tech Camp

We know that you’re heading to tech camp this summer for one main reason – you want to learn more about technology. Whether that includes video game design, coding, engineering, or digital media and art, there’s something you enjoy participating in already that you want to learn more about.

While that’s the focus of our camps – and for good reason because we are a tech camp, after all – it’s also the summertime, which is a perfect reason to also find a way to spend time outside. At Emagination Tech Camps, we believe in campers getting some “unplugged” time during their experience with us, but we also know it’s not right to force that kind of experience onto you if you don’t want it.

There are a couple of different ways to customize your tech camp experience. That includes choosing three tech courses with one recreation activity, or simply picking four different tech courses. Each of our tech courses meets for 1.5 hours between 9am and 4pm, which also includes a break from 12-1p for lunch and unstructured free time to do whatever campers would like to do.

Summer Camp Fun at Emagination Tech Camps

As for the recreational activities, though, there are a variety of organized activities that will allow them to have a blast. We wanted to spend some time detailing those specific activities below.

Swimming Although this particular activity isn’t available at our Pennsylvania location, campers of all ages and skill levels at every other location only need a bathing suit and towel to participate here. It’s summertime, which means it’s likely hot wherever you’ve decided to attend tech camp. Swimming with some of your new camp friends is a great way to cool off, unwind, and also get a little exercise before getting back in front of a computer or sitting back down for class.

Field Games If swimming isn’t your thing and you’d also still like to get some Vitamin D by being outside in the sun, then maybe choosing one of the field games is an option for you. There are a number of different options within this broad name, including dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, larping, and more.

If you attend tech camp at our Georgia location, there is also an option to hold these kinds of activities inside the air-conditioned gym if the heat truly gets untenable.

Indoor Games Maybe you’d prefer to do something other than taking another tech course and would rather it not be something super athletic. That’s totally understandable, and we have some options for you! There are tons of group activities available in this option, including checkers, Risk, Battleship, or Apples to Apples. You also have the opportunity to bring other games from home, including Magic the Gathering or other kinds of TCG decks.

Dungeons & Dragons If you’re a D&D fan, then this is your chance to create your own character and join others on a fantasy adventure. This would allow you to engage in battles, gather treasure, and solve problems together. Campers also have the option to bring D&D books, dice, or other accessories if they’d like.



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